13.10.2016. kočani gipsy brass band@lazareti


brass band Gipsy  Kocani Orkestar – MACEDONIA
The brass-band was created 16 years ago in the Macedonian town Kočani located at the East of Skopje. The so called „romska orientalna musika“ (Roma Oriental Music) which instead of boring umpa umpa plays incredible funky balkan rhytms, can cause a real cultural shock to the local audience. It is a fierce mix of powerful brass sounds, turkish-bulgarian rhytms and oriental solos, which are masterly, briliant and wild at the same time. Balkan brass-bands have a significant Roma character and from Western Serbia to Macedonia they are amazingly creative in changing the original rigid style of traditional brass-bands. These ensembles emerged in the 19th century as an imitation of turkish military orchestras, which were replacing from 1828 the groups of turkish janissaries called Mehterhane.The sound of balkan brass-bands was presented to the Western public by Emir Kusturica in the movie Underground.

Tahir Bilalov ( saks)
Draganco Petkov (trompet)
Elvis Saliev (bariton)
Aki Demirov (big bas)
Kenan Ismailov (tapan)
Pero Petkov (drums + vokal)