Audiometric – 10 Years Anniversary

audioU subotu 02.11. 2013. Audiometric slavi 10 godina postojanja, mada nam je 11 godina, ali spletom raznih okolnosti lani nismo uspjeli organizirati obiljezavanje te okrugle obljetnice. Glazbu ce birati Baya, Lane i Djivo, tj. Audiometric. Vidimo se u Lazaretima !!!


Baya is born and lives, in Dubrovnik, Croatia. From his early ages he is into music at the same time playing guitar in the local rock bands. Beginning of 90’s he is one of the pioneers of the electronic scene in Dubrovnik.

In 1995 Baya produces ‘Dream Frequency’, techno track that represents the first production of the electronical music in the area. In the mean time he works as DJ with the Croatian famous hip-hop band from Dubrovnik simply called “4,5,6′, recording the album with them and also performing on stage as part of their band. As a product of the long term work in the laboratory for the research of the sound and picture in 2002 project AUDIOMETRIC was born. The project was named after the location of the first research laboratory (department of Audiometry in the building of the Old Hospital in Dubrovnik)
From that very moment till nowadays Audiometric intensively works on the production of the electronical music that lies on different styles as house, deep, tech, progressive, electro, and even break-beat.

From 2000 to 2008 Baya and DJ Jeff a.k.a. Moveks edit and host radio show about electronical music called “An Hour of House” on Radio Dubrovnik.

From the very beginnings DJ Lane follows and participates in the work of AUDIOMETRIC and from 2007 becomes inevitable member of this project. Lane shows his interest in music from the early ages, growing with the sounds of rock hip-hop and electronical music.

Lane starts to perfom as DJ in 1996 in Arsenal club soon to get the invitations to perform in other clubs in Dubrovnik, all over Croatia and in the region where he plays with the esteemed DJs such as Darren Emerson, Lissat & Voltaxx, Kurd Maverick, Fedde Le Grand, Shapeshifters, Gramophonedzie, Tom Novy, Funkerman, Mark Knight, Dr.Kucho, Wally Lopez, Tomcraft, Funk D’ Void, Evil Eddie Richards, Craig Walsh, Domu, Rainer Truby and many others.

From 2004 to 2006, together with Maroje Sardelić edits and hosts radio show about electronical music called “New Dimension of Sound” on Radio Laus,
and from 2008 in cooperation with Alen Bajd edits and hosts show
“Line Up” on Radio Soundset Ragusa, the show that brings news from the world of electronical music and hosts famous local and international DJs.

In 2007 Lane and Jeff a.k.a. Moveks start now already cult club program called
“Underground Sounds Better” in Capitano Bar, the program that promotes supreme electronocal music mostly from the Croatian but also form the international DJs. This program is still active but nowadays it’s held in the biggest and best club in Dubrovnik called Culture Club Revelin, where Lane is resident DJ.

In 2008 Audiometric competes in the show of Pete Tong, who promotes new and talented producers in the show called “Pete Tong’s Fast Trax”. In cooperation with Beatport, Audiometric wins this competition with its track “Shadow Guardians” that was later put in the “Bedroom Bedlam Chart”.

The success and popularity of the Audiometric project in Dubrovnik is best described by the newest reinforcement of the project with DJ Djivo, the youngest DJ in Dubrovnik. Audiometric, leaders in new trends, have recognized the work of young and successful DJ and decided to introduce the new freshness in the sound of Audiometric.
DJ Djivo, secondary school student with big smile and playful looks from Gruž area has been born not long ago, but only in 1997. From his earliest ages he has shown an enormous interest and love towards music; when he was 6 he attended piano classes and only 4 years after he started dj-ing.
His first gig he had when he was only 12 in Club Lazareti on the local Festival “Jusker Fest”. The youngest DJ on the Festival soon became sensation, not just because of his age but also for the quality of music he presented that very night.
Calls for gigs followed from the most prominent bars in Dubrovnik such as Micro, and Casablanca – bars known for the quality electronical music they were offering to their guests. It was just another step in the career of the young DJ as the call from the most exclusive club on the Adriatic followed – DJ Djivo was asked to perform in Culture Club Revelin!

Today DJ Djivo in his bio already has the names of the super star DJs he played with in CC Revelin such as Tom Novy, Funkerman, Gramophonedzie, Axwell, Ralvero & many others.
Some of his remixes he issued for the label A Must have records…
This young strength of the Audiometric is at the same time successful student and dedicated DJ building his DJ career mentored by experienced members of the Audiometric.

Audiometric for the last decade successfully and fruitfully performs on Dubrovnik electronical scene and in the region. They are inevitable part of the all events and initiatives related to the electro music of its hometown Dubrovnik.
Beside the enormous love for the music and creation of the music, Audiometric is a story of a friendship that lasts for a decade already.
Although due to the different jobs and lifestyles members of the Audiometric are not in Dubrovnik all the time, their music resembles different – it resembles total harmony.

Audiometric project is a live project that creates new musical values every day and makes electro music lovers happy locally and in the region… and they are only 11 years old.…